The Combine MT
Personal Training - Sports Performance - Injury Prevention - Corrective Exercise

At The Combine Health & Human Performance Center, our family has  created a workout environment that is not only unique to Billings, but, sustainable. Our trainers ensure that all clients receive the best health benefits and personalized fitness training at the lowest possible price. We are confident that our clients will not quit once they see and feel their results. We never want cost to be a factor when choosing a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, we have developed a training method giving our clients the ability to receive personalized training and attention at every workout. Clients are provided the opportunity to train in a variety of environments and have access to participate in various group classes or in programs that focus on pain relief or specific sports performance. We are confident in your success and happiness, so we have created an unbeatable referral rewards program where clients receive amazing perks and discounts anytime they refer friends, family or coworkers to The Combine MT.

Clients who sign up at The Combine MT will receive their own digital profile where they can interact with the club, pick and choose their schedule, monitor and track progress and can do this all from a phone, tablet or computer.  

The Combine MT is for everyone! We specialize in Personal Training, Corrective Exercise, Injury Prevention, Business Wellness, and Sports Performance. Whether you are recovering from an injury, have a muscular imbalance, have specific fitness goals, want to lose weight, get in shape, have desired sports improvement goals, or you want to influence family, friends or a team of employees to become healthier; The Combine MT will deliver. We promise to not only help you reach your health fitness goals, but we will also teach you the “WHY” behind your training.

We are not your typical gym. Every workout is 100% customized to you, your needs, and your goals. So with your goals in mind, our goal is to become the absolute gold standard of personal training! With our personalized training methods, easy to use technology, teaching friendly environment, and most importantly your commitment to a healthier you, we can reach our goals together.

Samantha Kessler